Famous Waterfalls

Salt Creek Falls, Waterfall, Landmark

The chill of the high elevation, the fresheness in the air, the soothing green of the surrounding, and needless to say, the cascade of water torrenting down a rocky edge, but in a gorgeous tranquil manner – everything makes waterfalls the ideal sightseeing scene. Though some of the aforementioned waterfalls may be less approachable than others, you ought to know about them and chalk out a plan to take a trip there.

Gullfoss (Golden falls), Iceland

This is one of the most stunning waterfalls, particularly during the winter. Gullfoss is particularly famous for its shape, this crazy waterfall tumbles on the Hvítá River in two tiers at 90 degree angles to one another. Due to a crevice, the river Hvítá appears to vanish into the abyss. Set within an environment of mystique, the allure of this waterfall is in its surrounding too.

Spanning across the two nations of Canada and USA, Niagara Falls is one of the most well-known ones in the world. Due to its popularity, the surroundings aren’t as naturesque as the others. However, easy accessibility and numerous view points make it desirable. It’s formed of two sections – the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls on the American side – which are separated by an island. The Horseshoe Falls are more striking: water drops 53 m, while the American Falls drop only 21-30 m.

Victoria falls, Zimbabwe

If these figures don’t amaze you, then I do not know what will. If you go travelling near it, you will have difficulty keeping yourself dry, thanks to all the mist around it. An UNESCO World Heritage site, it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Victoria falls is truly a work of sublime beauty.

Plitvice falls, Croatia

While most of the other waterfalls mentioned here are singular ones, Plitvice Falls is similar to a network of drops, which makes it one of the most unique one. The many drops end in a variety of hues of blue, ranging from clear to blue to turquoise. These finally extend onto a limestone canyon. Located within a national park, an individual can increase around and across them. The national park is also an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Angel falls, Venezuela

It falls mysteriously from a tabletop mountain in Canaima National Park, in its entire glory. Standing as tall as 979 metres, it’s a sight to behold. Though reaching it is a small complicated affair, it hasn’t stopped the true lovers of nature. After reaching the park, you want a river boat ride and a hike to reach the Angel Fall lookout.

Located in Sierra Nevada, California, it’s among the greatest falls in the USA (739 metres). Being easy to get, this is among the most popular tourist destination. The fact that it’s located in the incomparably beautiful Yosemite Valley, also helps its case. The source of the waterfall is melting snow, which is why, sometimes the stream may stop due to a lesser amount of snow.

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